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Originating from the beautiful and historic Spanish stronghold of Valencia, ‘Jose Bolumar Molina’ alias ‘Bolumar’, has prominently emerged from the city’s increasingly vibrant underground music scene as one of its most cherished musicians. Complimentary to his natural Spanish elegance and charismatic demeanour, Bolumar brings a very unique and infectious sound; something which truly sets him apart from the rest, the combination of which has ignited his ascension to becoming one of Valencia’s most promising underground tacticians. Influenced by the likes of Fuse frontman ‘Enzo Siragusa’, ‘Tsuba’ boss ‘Kevin Griffiths’, and one of Frankfurt’s hottest exports ‘Vera’, to name but a few, Bolumar follows through with a music style very much suited to that of his native city’s unassuming vibe; minimalistic, deep and techy. With his career commencing during his impressionable teenage years, Bolumar initially established himself through playing experimental gigs at small-time venues and parties in his hometown. It was through playing such gigs that he developed a real aptitude for DJing and a raw passion for electronic music. Gaining early recognition for injecting his infectious melodies and creativity into consistently unforgettable sets, this consecutively led Bolumar to gain a well-deserved residency at one of Valencia’s most revered underground venues, ‘Miniclub’. It was here where Bolumar took-hold of the weekly Thursday night event ‘Klinik Music Club’, captivating his clubbers and creating a real lasting impression with his intelligently fused selection of deep, dubby house and minimal tech sounds…



Amam · Rooted · Act Natural · Metroline Limited · Recycle · Novus


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